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Friday, 17 August 2012

Showered with Blessings!

Never ever felt so loved before, really..

Probably when you grow older you will appreciate stuff more. OMG! means i'm getting older?? x.x
But i rlly feels that the people around me are so nice. And i feel that my life is getting better each day. As my past is rlly rlly like "SIGHS"..

I rlly rlly hope the people that are nice to me will be blessed, rlly wish all of you guys to stay always happy & good stuff always comes to you guys.

ANW .. today i'm fully 19! T^T~ in 2yrs time i'll be 21!OMG!D:

But before i moved on gonna start off a picture with this:) But it's the truth:)

Taken from google, haha.:)

Today is the 18th August'12 and is my offical b'day, time flies so fast! How i wished it cn be remained on 15 Aug'12 ^~^

The moment i wake up in the morning i turned to my fone to check the time and i was showered with lots of texts & fb msges. I immediately teared infront of my fone! T^T cos i was so touched that people i know not even for a month remembers my birthday and wishes me at 12pm. I was really tearing. And i was tinking i was so blessed to have u guys! I'm serious!:)

Thank you guys once again, i'm really really touched! I really wish you guys cn be forever happy & be blessed!:D

Today i'm supposedly celebrating w my family but due to my dad who has food poisioning i'm not too sure if there's celebration as i'm really worried. He gotten his food poisioning ytd at 4pm++. Damn i wondered which stall that's so unhygenic!):
Really hope he'll recover soon. No mood for celebration! sighs.

;pray that my dad will recovers soon and my mom too( she's sick;coughing) ):!!

Will jus end here, will update more of today:)
tc guys dun make me worry of u too!


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