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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Painting Competition 2012 held by UOB

UOB Painting Of The Year Competition

This year marks the 31st year UOB has conducted the annual UOB Painting Of The Year (POY) Competition which has been an important launch pad in the careers of many past winners including Cultural Medallion winners Goh Beng Kwan, Chua Ek Kay and Anthony Poon.

The UOB POY Competition has expanded to be a regional event, and is currently held in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The winning work from each of the regional countries will be exhibited alongside all the winning works from the Singapore UOB POY Competition. In addition, each country winner is eligible to compete for the grand regional prize of S$5,000 cash, awarded to one of the country UOB POY Competition winners.

UOB has been supporting the arts since the early 1970s. The Bank believes that as economic advancement is of great importance to a nation, so too can the arts play a vital role in the development of a society. Although the worlds of business and the arts are often seen as separate, the Bank view both as sources of inspiration and ideas that can enrich the lives of people.

Which i'm going to share with you today about this upcoming competition. For my reader's/ non- reader's you can join!! Welcomes to all participant's; no age limited, including; malays, indians, caucasian etc.. all can join!

All entries must be submitted at the Visual Arts Seminar Room, Level 2, Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts Campus 1 (Wing B), 80 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189655
on 7 July 2012 between 12pm and 6pm.

All award-winning and highly-commended entries will be exhibited at the 31st UOB Painting Of The Year Exhibition held at the Chapel, Singapore Art Museum from
15 July to 1 August 2012.

It's COOL RIGHT?!(: SO DO JOIN!!(: All you have to do is print out the entry form, do your painting and submit to the venue that i've mentioned.(:

Here's the link of the entry form:

This are the following prizes:

UOB Painting Of The Year Award
S$30,000 and a Trophy

The UOB Painting Of The Year winner is also eligible to vie for the grand regional prize of S$5,000. UOB may, at its sole and absolute discretion, award this additional prize to one of the four UOB Painting Of The Year Award winners from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia whom, in the judges’ final and conclusive opinion, is the most exceptional artwork of the four.
Four Platinum Awards
$10,000 each
Most Promising Young Artist Award
Youth Section
S$2,500 and a Trophy
Highly-commended Awards for each section
Three awards for the Open Section
S$2,500 each
Three awards for the Youth Section
S$1,000 each

The UOB Painting Of The Year Award and four Platinum Awards may be won by any entrant regardless of category (abstract, representational or ink painting) or section (Youth or Open) of submission.

AND THE MOST COOL PART IS the UOB Painting Of The Year Award winner and four Platinum Award winners will be invited for an interview to vie for a bonus prize of a 1-month residence programme at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum!! WOAH! cool right?!

Each of us has our creativity & uniqueness. SO do give yourself a chance if you love ART! I don't care if you are "talented/ non-talented". This competition is OPENED to everyone of us.

I'll be participating in this event. Really hope to see you guys over there. Do say hi to me if you guys see me around there!!



Friday, 25 May 2012

Information On Braces

Dental Braces for Teeth

For Those who doesn't really know what is braces and what are the purposes, Here's are some information to gets you to understand:

Dental braces are devices that are used for correcting irregularities of the teeth. Find out more about them here.
Dental braces, also referred to as orthodontic braces, are an appliance that are used to correct dental irregularities such as straightening crooked teeth, aligning both the jaws, relieving pressure on the temporomandibular joints, and also improving the aesthetics of the face and smile.
When are Dental Braces Fitted?
Braces for the teeth can be fitted at any age, although ideally the procedure is carried out in children, and is less common in adults. The reason being that the jawbones as well as the bone surrounding the teeth are much more malleable in children, and therefore respond better to the molding process of the braces. Whereas as far as adults are concerned, surgery is usually required to alter the jawbones. Hence it is advisable that orthodontic procedures be done as early as possible, soon after teeth alignment problems are detected in a child.

Although there is no particular age when braces for the teeth can be fitted, but it is advisable to wait until there are enough adult teeth. As far as children are concerned, apart from creating well-aligned and straight teeth, the aim of fitting braces and orthodontic treatment is also used for improving the facial structure, the effects of which will be retained for the rest of their lives. However, in adults, orthodontic treatments are far more complicated. Those adults who do choose to opt for the treatment need to be aware that it entails wearing a retainer at night if they want to maintain the effects of the treatment for the rest of their lives. A retainer is a dental appliance that holds the teeth in position subsequent to an orthodontic treatment.
What is the Procedure for Fitting Braces?
Dental braces are fitted by an orthodontist or a dentist. First a complete dental examination is carried out, then X-rays taken, after which plaster molds of the teeth are made. Sometimes teeth may have to be extracted, if there is crowding of teeth, before the braces can be fitted. Although, these days it is the trend not to extract permanent teeth as far as possible. When the crowding is minor, removable or fixed appliances are used to expand the jaws. The braces are made according to the plaster molds, with each bracket being fitted on each tooth. These brackets are kept aligned with the help of small wires, which are hooked between each of the brackets.
Various Types of Braces for the Teeth
There are a number of dental braces that are used according to various age groups. For example, there are braces that are meant just for infants, which are used for treating congenital abnormalities like cleft palates. There are other types that are used on milk teeth, or when there are both milk as well as permanent teeth. Then there are the braces that are meant to be used for fully permanent teeth. A few orthopedic devices are used to realign the growth of the jawbone.

Some of the various types of braces available are:

Stainless steel or silver braces, which are the most common, then there are braces with stainless steel brackets as well as archwires that have various colored ties around the brackets. There are also braces that have brackets and archwires made of real gold, which are worn by people who are allergic to stainless steel, although they are also worn to make a statement about using braces as a type of jewelry on teeth. Then there are braces that have white or transparent brackets, sometimes with even the archwires being transparent, making the braces almost undetectable. Some people opt for lingual braces which are fixed behind the teeth, thus are not visible.
After reading hope you get the understands of braces.
Do comment here if you still have questions in your mind; i'll try to answer as much as i can!(:


On 18/5/2012 , i had my appointment at the dental they said that i have to get my gum treatment first before processing to braces. The gum treatment cost around $120 and for the braces which is $4k Which total i have to pay $4120. OK! Don't say waaaa you so rich ah! I'm not kay! i have to pay by myself de HOR! That's why i'm so envy nowadays the kids can get braces on when they are in primary schools/ those which doesn't have to pay themselves. You guys counted bless already hor!

Ok get back to the topic. As i mentioned on th 18/5/2012 is my first visit to dental, As for first visit i had to pay only $320. And my savings which was left $300 after paying $320. OK! my salary was like $850 per month which i still had to deduct for CPF,SDL & CDAC(-.-") after deducted left $705.50, which i had to save like mad. Everyday i had to bring my own food to work so i could save, if not how am i going to get my braces done? I know i sounded desperate to get my braces on as you know i've been wanting to get it done when i was in secondary 2! and my mum said to me you want braces you have to save and pay yourself.
This is the gum treatment that i got from google.
Ok get back to the topic.(: The top photo is the process of gum treatment.
The process of gum treatment is endurable i would rate the pain 3/10. So get your gum treated! and you can smile confidently. After treatment of my gums feels so much refreshing and CLEANED!(:
 Next for my braces i had to get my moulding done. Firstly they use a metal thinging i've no idea what does it named, and they will put something pinkish like your gum colour but looks like gummy but kinda of gluey when it land on your jaw the dental will press it on your jaw then leave it there for about a few secs/5mins. and it will harden and form a shape of how your teeth and gum look like. This is to help them to view where your teeth should be extracted. Moulding is complusory but for X-Ray not really depends on your teeth condition.

As for mine i do not need any X-Ray. After moulding and treatment done, that's the end of friday's appointment. The dentist ask me if i'm able to come on saturday which was 19/5/2012 for braces/ either extraction( depends my choice) So i say braces first, as i haven prepare of getting my tooth extract. I KNOW i sounded like a scaredy cat. I'm not kay?! who else doesn't afraid of pain? you tell me.

HAHAHHA... ok so i told them i'll be ending work on sat at 1pm. Then will only be vacancy after 1pm. Then they was like hmmm.. what about sun? I have classes till 1pm. Then they hmm... your schedules is really packed (which they always closed at 1pm for weekend). :/  I say YES!! hahah..( so i need special arrangement). They was like OK!. sat you come at 2pm can? i say OK!!. They are real GREAT! They are understandinglike if you really could not fork out your time they will fork out their time to manage yours. Especially if you have financial problems they willing to let you pay by installment, which you can plan with them! So if you want to get your braces done here's the address! RECOMMENDED!!(:

There's 2 outlets you can visit:
     #01-06, Telepark
     5 Tampines Central 6
     Singapore 529 482


     #01-06, Kembangan Suites
     16 Jalan Masjid
     Singapore 418 941
 (opposite kembangan MRT, behind Kembangan Plaza)


Duration of the Openings:

Mon & Fri    -  9.45am to 5pm
Tue to Thurs - 9.45am to 8pm
Sat & Sun     - 9.45am to 1pm
( Closed on Public Holidays )

You can also make an appointment by calling:
Most of the time the person will be answering the phone is
"Mdm Fang"
6786 3845/ 6784 3585

Ok, get back to where i stop. >_<
Ok so sat i got my BRACES! which i fancy alot alot!!! so happy. <3
You still can choose the colour you want to put it on!(:

This is how my braces look like.(:

Ok of cos this is not me, i google it. my teeth is very uneven now so i never post cos very ugly. hahaha..
But After you've  done it will be straight like this ahmo boy but of cos not so fast straight la need take time. But the braces is very nice.  you can smile confidently le! " jingjing!"

And the most best part about braces is you get to know you teeth better, and you will takecare of your hygeine for teeth.
Which was a good thing, sooner or late your teeth will be like celebrities teeth. ;grin!;-D

BUT! the most most best part about this is!!!! Their service; EXCELLENT!!! hohoho... SO i MUST MENTIONED IT AGAIN!!!RECOMMENDED!!(: RECOMMENDED!!(: RECOMMENDED!!(: RECOMMENDED!!(:


OK!!! i know you guys must be thinking that i'm crazy & SIAO! BUT their service is real good. SO RECOMMMMEEENNNNDDED!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
And i must mentioned the addressy agAIN: ;-D

There's 2 outlets you can visit:
#01-06, Telepark
5 Tampines Central 6
Singapore 529 482


#01-06, Kembangan Suites
16 Jalan Masjid
Singapore 418 941
(opposite kembangan MRT, behind Kembangan Plaza)


Duration of the Openings:

Mon & Fri - 9.45am to 5pm
Tue to Thurs - 9.45am to 8pm
Sat & Sun - 9.45am to 1pm
( Closed on Public Holidays )

You can also make an appointment by calling:
Most of the time the person will be answering the phone is
"Mdm Fang"
6786 3845/ 6784 3585

You may get to get discounts when you mentioned my name "SOPHIE"!(:

And for those who doesn't know the purposes of braces here the link

Hope you have a great day!
Cheers; XOXO

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Facts about youself

It's true. Just be yourself, that you feel comfortable of!(:

My days at Shunji Matsuo 2011~2012

This are my colleagues as i've mentioned in my previous post
SOPHIE.: 29 May 2012

Sorry for the long delay.> == <

HairStylist: Ah young

William's Assistant: Jennifer( she went back to m'sia)

In This picture the both of them are hairstylist: William( Brown Jacket)
Daimen( Blue checkered shirt)

Here are all the assistant!( Chriscia(rainbow dress),Joyce(black dress),Jennifer(White cardigan)
Jenny(Blue shirt)

HairStylist: K.K( Black & green top)
Assistant: Joyce(red hat)

Assistant: Winnie(Blue Cardigan)
Cashier: Erika(leopard print top)

HairtSylist: Jeanie( Pink cardigan with Black top)
Assistant: Jennifer(Black top)

Assistant: Jason

I really miss all of them. But for now congratulations to Joyce, she just gave birth to a baby girl. so adorable! hahaha...

This is the baby girl that joyce gave birthed. Adorable right?(:
Congrats joyce become mummy already!!! hahaha...

Wish that all my previous colleagues will continue to shine for shunji, and forever success in future.
That's all for today, will update more post on BRACES!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Previously i've booked an appointment for braces at polyclinic, as it's cheaper. As what people says if you can waiT. As it takes a long time before it reaches your turn. But i didn't believe much on that so i make an appointment. And my appointment is in October, is like i book it on feburary one of the days and it's like a long way before it reaches my turn i was like ----......---"|| (u got to be kidding me?!)

Haven even get my consultation done! What if after consultation and i have to wait for a few months again?!.................. So recently i called a private clinic at tampines area near to the bus interchange and ask for more details(which my friend recommended me) it cost 4k, well but at least private is faster in a way. It's quite payable as for the first visit you only have to pay $200 if you get started, then second month in which you have to pay half of the 4k but, if you have financial difficulties you may pay $500 at each times. SO it's reasonable.

Therefore my appointment will be tomorrow after straight from my work!! HAHAHAH, so excited.
Can't wait for my braces to be put on, But i'll have to bear with the process first. Like polishing, X-Ray, extraction ( The part where i'm worried of!) probably will be drinking my own blood for few days or either losing of blood!LOl.. hahaha..

Will update about my process of braces tmr!(:


Sunday, 13 May 2012

SAT 12/05/2012

MOTHER's day celebration.

As i've promised to upload the pictures during of mother's day celebration.
Here are two of the pictures. As i'm real busy chatting with my cousin's due to our rare meet ups.
So we're kinda occupied by chatting; sharing on what are we doing recently all stuffs.

That day we were also filled by a humongous of foods, there's pizza's, kueh, stingray, nuggets, hotdog,crabsticks,dumplings,soup,Fried prata w nacho cheese and my grandma's home made desserts. My all long favourite desserts that was made by my only grandmother love her lots!! hahaha... Waiting for her to teach me.<3

This are all of mother's in my family. Sweet right? haha.. As you can see there's a birthday cake at there, we were the audience that sang birthday songs to them.(: The one with the rainbow tank top is my grandmother ain't she's adorable? Love her max as she's the only that had been doting me since when i was a baby!<3
And my mum,妈咪我爱你!你是这世上最好的妈妈!

And this is my cousin's baby(SOPHIA) adorable right? And my name is SOPHIE,
Such an coincidence right? so cute.<3 she's real chubby, like a cute pinkish chubbeh bunneh! hahaha..

That's all for today; and cheers to all mother's Hope you guys will have a memorable & enjoyable celebrations!!(: All in all i'm sorry for neglectance of photos.>...<
Feel free to share w me your day of celebration,Takecares.


Friday, 11 May 2012

Mother's day is tmr! 13/5/2012

Guess what's special occasion of tomorrow? It's something you can get to spend with your family.
Definitely you will know! It's stated in every of our calendar. Haha. It's MOTHER'S DAY!

So what would you guys plan for tomorrow? Bringing your mother for a steamboat?or making a reservation in the restaurant?
All in all what you guys have gotten for your mum?(presents);a boutique of roses with a card?
Or celebrating with your relatives? having a gathering, by cooking a dish and bring over to grandma's house by every of the family to celebrate?

Well! i'll be celebrating today, as my relatives had planned and ask every of the my relatives to bring over a dish of food to my grandma's place. I'll share with you my day in my grandma house soon!(:

But i'll definitely be happy if you share your days of mother's day! I don't really care how much you've spent on the special occasion, having fun with your family is more important most importantly is your sincerity, everyone has their on creativity & ways to celebrate, Do share with me!

Will get my post for mother's day when vacancy! Do takecare and have an enjoyable day with your families!<3 ;cheers.


29 APRIL 2012

This is the part while we are queuing for ours turn to get in side the exhibition. And saw this guy playing with this guess this is the games during the olden days people plays during boardin of titanic.

This the the explanation of design of titanic.

This is the entrance to the exhibition! Now let's get started exploring!(:

Happy titanic 100th ANNIVERSARY !!(:

Here comes the theory.

This is how the olden days build their titanic.

This is my Beloved babe cindy and there's 2 more guys they are not in the picture.

This is the tickets that we've got.

The Birth of legend of titanic.

Our boarding pass. hahaha WHITE STAR!!>_<

Cindy and i are on the first class the guys were on 2nd class. HAHA..

This is the man who held this exhibtion/either he's the one who created the birth of titanic.

All This photos credited by Cindy. I've stolen from her fb.:x Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for  the late upload due to working and study.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A refreshing day!


I've bought a few ranges of mask recently. The packaging it's quite attractive. 1 of it named red wine whitening mask there's lots more. The products is from korea, It has a nice smell.

Upcoming post : TITANIC EXHIBITION!!(:

Sorry guys for the long waited post, as i couldn't find a time to post it, due to school ,work but most importantly is that my friend haven uploaded the photos, as you know mostly exhibition doesn't approved of phototaking, but my friend got a few of it, HAHAHA..

Will update real soon!:D