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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy August~

Happy Birthday to all the august BABIES! ^~^ yay! anw i'm oso one of the august babies.

It's been so long tat i last blogged, i kw i'm a badass, a lazybum you guys cn blame me all you wan. I'll try to blog more. Hope you understand. As if you've read my blog you should know i blogged rarely. Only when i felt like. lolol. hahas.

Today gonna blog about this month of august, ASSSssss.. It's singapore's birthday and not to forget!!! Also my birthday!!! wahahaha... am i tat lucky?(; to be born in august. Hahaha..  What abouts yours? I'm curious how do people celebrate their birthdays! As i rarely have friends who remembered mine!): But this month it's the first time i'm gonna celebrate w my love ones & my friends!^~^

So sweet of them! I rlly rlly loaf you guys. T^T even now i'm typing i rlly rlly felt like crying, as everyone are busy with their work & stuff on and on but they willing to fork our their time for me, just to spend w me.I'm rlly rlly veri touched le. I'm serious.This month gonna be a special one. I'll be organizing my birthday gathering at CLUB! Guess all of you shuld be excited by nao hahahaha!! Cos all of us love it. But i can't say rlly all lah! But i love it!(; wooohooo!

Will post up photos of my gathering. Do share w me your birthdays! I'm rlly rlly curious wad moments you guys have, rllyrlly!^~^ Kayo~

Phie <3

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