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Friday, 11 May 2012

Mother's day is tmr! 13/5/2012

Guess what's special occasion of tomorrow? It's something you can get to spend with your family.
Definitely you will know! It's stated in every of our calendar. Haha. It's MOTHER'S DAY!

So what would you guys plan for tomorrow? Bringing your mother for a steamboat?or making a reservation in the restaurant?
All in all what you guys have gotten for your mum?(presents);a boutique of roses with a card?
Or celebrating with your relatives? having a gathering, by cooking a dish and bring over to grandma's house by every of the family to celebrate?

Well! i'll be celebrating today, as my relatives had planned and ask every of the my relatives to bring over a dish of food to my grandma's place. I'll share with you my day in my grandma house soon!(:

But i'll definitely be happy if you share your days of mother's day! I don't really care how much you've spent on the special occasion, having fun with your family is more important most importantly is your sincerity, everyone has their on creativity & ways to celebrate, Do share with me!

Will get my post for mother's day when vacancy! Do takecare and have an enjoyable day with your families!<3 ;cheers.


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