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Friday, 7 September 2012

SCC Photos Update!

HERE are a few of the photos I've gotten from my colleague!
To keep you entertained. I tink i feel insecure as might afraid my readers will forget me. D:

Me, Rabiah & Angela ( Incharge of the badminton competition event)

Spare me i've really no idea that 2 babes names): SPARE ME!

HAHAHA love this picture alot. As this 2 babes are really friendly, Funy & adorable!(:


Ok that's all for today. Will update again. And today is my last day at work.
After today i'm totally free!!WOOTS probably today, either i'll do cycling/ head out for k-box!
YAY? What about you?How are you going to spend your weekends?


Anyone finding freelance blogshop models do e-mail me.(:

Thursday, 6 September 2012

SCC event

As What you've read in my earlier post about scc. Now i'm gonna post those photos for the previous post. I apologise about lack of photos due to some error occuring; of unable to upload!):

Otw to the event job! Which my dad drives me there:)
My new friend "Liling".
This is "Shan Ni". Unique name right?:)
All the babes w a blissful only guy! hahaha... They are a bunch of hyperactive ppl.
Which made the job; fun & active!
This is "Esther". A friendly & easy going girl. WHich i get to know on my first day of work.
This is "pamelyn". She's really sweet and cute lo!! hahaha..
Super duper adorable!:)

So that's all, ok i know from the way i type & everything can tell that i'm lazy to type. So sorry.):
Was really tired as i woke up at 5am. Due to my grandmother whose going overseas and i wanted to send her off to changi airport but in the end i din went ~,~! cos i was freaking tired like a dead zombie k!-_-"

Then after that i went bak to sleep at 6am. And set an alarm at 7.30am so i can cook breakfast for myself! Fml! But now i really missed her & upset as i really had no idea when she's getting back. But she told me she'll be back to sg defintely. D: Grandma i miss u!

So that's all for today. Also this 08/08/12 will be my last day of work as an office admin so i'll
definitely be free to blog! Do come back!

In case you haven read my previous post of SCC here's the link:

Btw Happy FRIDAY to all my readers, love you guys!

Also have a pleasant weekend! And could you guys give me any recommendations of laptops?
Wanted to get 1 so i could blog! Shuld i get ipad/Macbook?

Sign off~
PHIE (/\O/\)v

Rachel K

Just love blogging the things i loved, Fond/ Fancy. **Wadeva** those 3 words are all the same! And i only shared good, Great, Awesome/ Mavellous products, which we are all fond of!LOl. you must be thinking i'm crapping! But i'm not i myself fork out money to buy it and try it! Do you think i'll lied? It's not sponsored or what/ advertising. Just sharing awesome goodness.((: It's all available in watsons:)) good right??!!

Now i'm just gonna blogged about RACHEL K cosmectics. It's a new launched brand and was made in korea. It's was the most pleasant CC Cream/ BB cream I've ever used(cc/bb cream are the same, Just the name is diff;LOL!!). Compared to the ones i've used. AS CC cream is made for beauty for girls whose afraid of pores clogging or the texture of it is too thick. But this is just right for all of us GIRLS!!

Currently I'm using the Pink one. Which is neutral.
It's not sticky. Unlike most of those you've applied and have those uncomfy feeling. It's feels pleasant and it has a fragrant smell.
This is the lip plumper which has a minty flavour when you apply it. After you apply it,
it has a cooling & refreshing sensation. Which means its making blood circulation on your lip.
And you will c an plump effect. I'm using the nude one( Transparent & glossy) I'm rlly freaking in love w this.
Each of it is (S$32).
Can you c the effect! Nice right! you can grab any of it at the watson!:)

This a rolling cream. As for those who have dark eye rings or wrinkles around you eye.
I've tried garnier's before but no use. ): So i'm gonna buy this and try it soon. And i'll do a review about it!(:

This are the ranges of products by Rachel K. All this are suitable for all skin types. And it's safe to use. As you should know
Currently these are the range of rachel K's product i'm using! But i'm intending to buy the full range to try! Will do a review!:)

And i apologise for the lack of updates as, last few days i've no idea why i couldn't upload pictures!:)
But love you guys. xoxo.
With loves,

Monday, 3 September 2012

SSC ( Singapore Sports Council)

Most enjoyable job i've ever had..

On the month of September.  1st & 2th September. I've been working for Singapore Sport council events it's about Singapore National Games of 2012.

Pasir Ris Sports & Recreational Center

Badminton Competition

1st September:

2nd September:

I'm handling of goodie bags ( mainly for athletics). It's quite a slacking job though. Really enjoyed for the past two days events. Just wanted to earn some savings. As my previous post i've said i'm resigning for new but tis is jus a temporary job:) hahaha.. the rate is 10/hr. So IT's So freaking worth!OMg la. Is like which job cn be so freaking slacking and earn so much?? Which included in drinks & meals. AND the most most awesome part is all my colleagues are so friendly & cheerful la! Can u imagine tat??!! Which i made more than 10 friends within 2 days! xD AWESOME MUUCCHHH??

hahaha... don't be envious.

I'm not so stingy de ok!! Here! i'll share w you. You may apply via
But this is more onto volunteering jobs. It's all in the website if you want to know more info you may click on to the following site given.

Do share w me when u've made lots of new friends! YAY!^~^

Wanted to upload the photos. But i tink there's some error. SO couldn't. Srry! Will try upload on the next post.:) Kaiyo~

<3 Phie