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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

As Usual and SIA interview

Everyday had to wake up at 8am sharp to get prepared for work. And as usual got to rush again. Life is always tiring when we had to work to earn a living. As now i had nothing much to do in my office.

It's time for me to update my previous interview of SIA.

WARNINGS! It's a long post!! You cn cancel my blog if you wan if not it's too late.(x

NOW you are too late, so you have to continue reading till the end!;muahahah..
Kidding la~ But rlly hope you could finish reading it. >:(

 I've went for the interview it's venued near newton mrt. (Sheraton Towers Hotel) It's an high end hotel. Which confirm there's lots of stars maybe 6 stars hotel?:/ idk la but if ask me to rate 80/100.(:
When i reach there i was like O_O omg! SO MANY PEOPLE LA!! all so pretty and handsome, as it was my first time for sia interview i was wearing flat pumps.-_- all the ladies were wearing heels/either wedges. .... all bunned/ french rolled their hair up and painted in red nail polish w fully makeup and red lipsticks on, which i onli place eye falsies n double eyelid stickers!U_U &... I was the onli one with pinkish nail polish. ._.

So i did not take any of the photos as i'm too excited/nervous  for the interview . Will do it the next time i went for it again.((: Ok get back again, When i reach there was around gng 12pm. Which the interview duration was from 8.30am~2pm. So the last interview will ends at 2pm. As i'm searching for the booth i approach a lady which i think is a staff of this hotel for passing up the application form tat i've filled. She told me tat the passing up of applications will strt at 1pm, so i had to wait for 1hr. I was like panicking!! omg so many people n had to wait till 1pm which the interview will ends at 2pm. (FML seriously) i shuld have come earlier! AND the worst of all i'm the only one which had braces on, and my mum was asking me :" You sure they will allowed you to go in with braces?" Then i viewed around all of the candidates none of them had any braces. -_-" So after a moment later me n my mum went to the washroom. Which we met a lady whose incharge on the interview. And 
i asked her :" Hi!(:  Are you incharge of the interview? Is it allowed to have braces on?" 
She Replied: " When will you be removing?"
I replied:" About a year?"
She replied:" Oh~ that's too long, if it's like a month later for removing then should be alright, but a year i doubt so. No worries, you are still young you can come for an interview the next year again alrights?(: anyway is good that you ask me first before waiting for an interview, cause the process is kinda long. So now you do not have to waste your time to wait.(:"

I was like ok ty.( she was like so nice,polite & patient on help with my enquiries) T_T So sad nid wait for a yr to remove, So there's gd and bad about braces. Anw if i did not have braces on i doubt i cn get in too! COS! my teeth is too crooked that makes me don't even have the confidence to smile.-_-" BUT hopefully after a year i could be btr!! Hope i can get in!! HELP ME PRAY READERS! I will love you guys lotslots!!!(: ok love you guys first. <3 x1000 000. x) cos you guys spend your precious time to read my post as i'm already very moved!

Thank you thank you thank you!;mua.

And here are some pictures of the hotel! Hope my wordings doesn't bored you out, so here are some compensation to all of you!^-^

The entrance of the overview of the hotel! nice right?(: even now i'm typing i'm also veri excited!-_-"

This is where the staircase leads you to the heaven! ;grin muhahahah!!
No la i'm just kidding, is where i'm going up to the place where the interview held.(:

So this is the place where the staircase leads you to. A magical princessy room. ;)
Ok i know i'm hypervilating now!-_- ( is where the rooms of each stage for  interview)

Also one of the rooms.(:
Following's is the website of the hotel! You can check here for more details:

Do rmb to stay tuned for updates of extractions!(:


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