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Thursday, 16 August 2012

15' Aug '12 The day which i wish it could be lasted!

I'm BACKIE it's gonna be a long post, i warn you!:)  Be prepared ah!laughs! 15 August is the best night i've ever had. Even now i'm typing i felt like crying too. You guys were really awesome. T^T Really REALLLY love you guys.. As it's been years that i've had such an enjoyable night. T^T! (really feel like crying, but couldn't as i'm in the office right now, if i sob my boss will tink i'm mad.:S)

That day i woke up at 9am for jog, cos i couldn't sleep. Probably i'm too over excited for my celebration, as it was my first time going to butterfactory:) but was freaking angry that time cos of my babe. She make me so dissapointed as we've agreed to meet at 4pm. At my house, as she wanted me to help her paint nails & makeup. So i din manage to take any nap, as i'm afraid i might overslept.

4pm.... she din even give me a single text or saying she'll be reaching soon. And i called her.

Me: "babe where are you?"
Babe: "I'm still cycling at punggol, but now i'm cycling back to tampines to return the bicycle. Will meet you after i've went home and change"(when she is living at outram.-_-") so i was alrdy veri dulan.
Me: "So what time you'll meet me?"
Babe: " uhmmm.. 6pm at your house?"
Me: " Uhmmm.. ok~~"
Babe: "reached already, i'll text you."

~~~~~~6pm past..... ( she haven come.)~~~~~

I called her..

Me:"babe where are you?"
Babe: " Tampines, still cycling... Going return bicycle soon."

Me: " --____--""!!! hur? still at dere cycling???"
Babe: " yup."
Me: "i've prepare already.. then wad time you wan meet??"
Babe: " meet u at 10pm at tampines??"
Me: " nvm.. you meet me at butterfactory."
Babe: " hur?? idk hw to go ley~"
Me: " i'll send you the address, you jus take cab down will do."
Babe:" huh?? wa! you veri troublesome ley!!"
Me: " --____--" so u are blaming me now??!!"
Babe: "..... meet you at tampines cn??"

That time i was freaking fumed & my mood was being ripped by her. But I want to thank

My couple for being there for me. Gomawo:) You are always so sweet~ hahas. Cos we planned to have dinner together but i told my couple i'll be having w my friends. And he doesn't mind to tag along. So i told him meet at 6pm as i'll be meeting my babe at 6pm at tamp mrt too. But she din make it so i was at century square alone. Freaking mad almost cried too. =,="

But he's the onli one who cheered me up & he told me he's coming down now & will be reaching in 15mins. Ask me to be happy & smile. Gomawo:)

As that time i really really felt like cancelling the celebration!-_-"

Gonna start off with a picture of myself to brighten your day.lolol.

Captured it while all of us were chilling at mac. That time was around 5++ am.
But that time i was really worn out, i know you must be tinking that i'm crazy.

The view of MBS out butterfactory, credits to leon.:) hahas. This is when he spam us apps when he's waiting for us.
 Before i move on i would like to thank all my lovely friends who attended my birthday.:)
I really really cannot thanked you guys enough!!T^T omg felt like tearing now!
Even though my babe makes me angry but i still loves her. She did apologise to me too. Gomawo (Cindy(babe), Sarah, WenHui & John.) Thank you for the surprise.
 As at first they bluff me, that they buy "GU PIAO!" So couldn't tell me wad's there secret! I was like wad GU PIAO??!! tell me ley~ why i cnnt kw!!-_-"
Then they keep walking away with their phones talking secretly.

At butterfactory!:) that's when they surprised me with the cake. HAHAHA!! omg la that time i was freaking shy!-_-
HAHAHAHA!! i was so touched dao i haven make a single wish.:S I really wish that, that you guys will be forever with me. And i really really wish this time cn last forever.:x I know i'm stingy for asking 2 wishes hahaha. OPS! but i rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly love you guys!! T^T

Making wish while cutting the cake. But too excited & touched that i almos cried. So forgot to make wish.lolol. This picture credits to leon. Gomawo cos i too excited le so end up nv take pictures w u guys T^T next time i'm gonna take pictures w u guys when we are out!!(MUST TAKe!) lolol. hahah..

Hahaha.. laughing cos i was really veri happy. But din know leon taking photo. Thank you leon:)

My locker number. What's yours? hahaha..:)

So we club & lepak, then club & lepak. lolol. :)) Then the guys will club, smoke, lepak. lolol.
We partied till it lasted 4pm. And we lepak outside. That day was a cooling night it was so windy.:)
And we chatted and some fell aslp hahahahah!! Lepak till 5++ so some went off. Left me, Cindy, Wenhui & john. All of us we half dead. Like our soul fly somewhere le. But our body at there LOLLOL!!

Then my couple ask me if i wan go hm nw and rest but i told him i couldn't leave my babe alone. Felt bad and i'm worried of her safety. Then aft awhile my couple ask again and again but i said the same ting, i tink i'm half dead so he wan me go hm rest.

He's oso dead tired. But he continued to accompany me. T_T GOMAWO~ I'm sorry. That time i rlly rlly felt veri bad as around 8pm in the morning he had to go for his frenw's chalet, but i did texted him to ask him go hm first and rest(but idk if he did sees the text anot).  After that 5++ we left the place to macdonald as some wanted to have their breakfast. But i fell aslp.:S and they ate finish and all slp at macdonald. lolol.

Ard 6++ we all left the place, so my cpl n me took cab home as we both live at tampines so he send me home first. While we are in the cab we both sleep like nobody's business liddat. like the cab is owned by ours. lolol. HAHAH dam epic.

Through our ride i tink we slp, wake up, slp & wake up. lolol. When i'm reaching my destination i told the cab uncle to stop at the road side so i could get off as it's more convenient.

ME & TAXI's CONVERSATION: ( my couple dk i guess. I don;t want him to know cos it's dam Paiseh de) :S:-

Me: "Uncle, shhhh don't wake him up. Uncle, you can drop me at the roadside."
Uncle:"ok shhhhh, u a singaporean?both are couple?"
Me: " O_O hur? ya i am, nononono~~... we are not. " (-_-")
Uncle:" O~ whye not drop you at carpark there?"
Me:" nevermind can drop me at the roadside."
Uncle:" You both married?"
Me:" Hur?? -_-"||| nonono~...." ( i turn and look if my couple woke up, afraid he might hear.)
Uncle: " O~ want i drop you at the car park?"

 Then i wanted to reply but my couple woke up then the uncle ask again if want drop me at the carpark. i was like -_-||"!!
My couple: " okok, drop at carpark."

My couple: (my couple turned to me) "Why you so blur?"
Me: "hur? @_@"

SIGHS! Lucky my couple was aslp if not veri ps. (U_U)

HAHAHA but it was an amazing night! :3
Really wish time could turn back again & again. :) Wana captured the moments every min & every secs,w you guys <3 you guys lotslots! Let's PARTY again!:)

and most importantly Let's work hard, play hard & Success tgt! ^~^

EHWAH ENWAH ENWAH!!~~ lolol i'm still haven wake up frm 15 aug lolol.

Ok gonna sign off~ Fingers breaking hahaha..:))


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