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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gloomy of turning 19th, are you?

Moving on from 18th is some kind of my biggest nightmare, As times flews on. In 2yrs time i'll be 21 yrs old!! Damn. Are you feeling that bad too??

But i am!):

Counting down to the number of days toward 19th.

This are the few reasons of me being sad of turning 19th:

1) I'll get older and couldn't enjoy the teens life that much.
2) Loads and Loads of stuff is getting on the top of my back as our age grews.
3) My parents are turning older each day as our birthday turns by. (I really wish i could cancel of their ageing like this, and really hope they could stay forever age "30th/40th" I'm not being stingy/selfish; but i really love them. Is like one day if i would to live by my own without them is like losing the other half of my heart!) I'm not sure if any of you guys feels this way. But i am!

So on and fourth! I know during young days i looked by on turning 18th! But as your grow older you wouldn't as you will get more n more of loads for you to handle! So i really really wished i could make it a memoriable birthday till i turned 21st!(:

That's why on my actual day of birthday i always will celebrate w my family!(:
Mummy, Daddy, Grandma & Brother. I really really love you guys. If i have only 2 wishes. I would wish you guys to live long & stay always healthy by my side.(: <3

Much loves from me to you all. (>=<)

1 comment:

Kay said...

Growing old is scary and exciting at the same time..
But we're really lucky to have a year added to us :]
I hope you have a fun time on your birthday! cute blog btw~