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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day by Days passed

Time flies so fast! Did u even realise??

Exams are getting nearer & nearer.. no confidence that i'll score well. As do u know how its feels like when you had the subjs, and it's just ur first time learning, also a part time course and you don't even get it. When your lecturer teaches. -_-" I am.. FML..

ok let's drop the topic...

Do you guys been in a realtionship before? I know you guys must be saying yes i did! Been alot of r/s. But i've onli had one & only. I'm not sad about that. But i'm greatful i had a memorable memories:) And i wished i could have a better ones. And it's just a matter of time. But for now i'm gonna focus more on my future. No more interruptions/ distractions coming in seriously!! Now the main point i'm big headed about, Is what i want to do for my life time??!!

Do you guys had any in mind? I really had no idea. I really wished i had a Mr right which cn helps me. If it will be! It onli happens in fairytale/movies. But from primary schools till now i've ever dreamt of being as a model!! i know it's not a realistic jobs for lifetime or to say a stable job. -_-
I felt like gng for it but my parents doesn't support at all nor they approve! As it's an complicated industry.. SIGHs. Being a human oso a complicated ting.

All i want for now is let the fate leads me. Don't wana tink abt it anymore:)) wad about u guys? Have you ever had a lifetime job in mind?Do Share w me!

Sign off~

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