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Thursday, 17 May 2012

My days at Shunji Matsuo 2011~2012

This are my colleagues as i've mentioned in my previous post
SOPHIE.: 29 May 2012

Sorry for the long delay.> == <

HairStylist: Ah young

William's Assistant: Jennifer( she went back to m'sia)

In This picture the both of them are hairstylist: William( Brown Jacket)
Daimen( Blue checkered shirt)

Here are all the assistant!( Chriscia(rainbow dress),Joyce(black dress),Jennifer(White cardigan)
Jenny(Blue shirt)

HairStylist: K.K( Black & green top)
Assistant: Joyce(red hat)

Assistant: Winnie(Blue Cardigan)
Cashier: Erika(leopard print top)

HairtSylist: Jeanie( Pink cardigan with Black top)
Assistant: Jennifer(Black top)

Assistant: Jason

I really miss all of them. But for now congratulations to Joyce, she just gave birth to a baby girl. so adorable! hahaha...

This is the baby girl that joyce gave birthed. Adorable right?(:
Congrats joyce become mummy already!!! hahaha...

Wish that all my previous colleagues will continue to shine for shunji, and forever success in future.
That's all for today, will update more post on BRACES!


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