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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pathetic spoiler..

As usual i got out from bed & rush to get ready for work. My dad fetch me to work, as i've reached. I opened the car door slowly, as the traffic was quite heavy due to parking at the side of the road. As i was getting down.

I turned my head to the side to lookout for cars, but this taxi driver was so freaking rude, He show me a middle finger. As he drove past me. I was damn freaking mad i wanted to point back but i was thinking that if i point back i would be in the wrong too. So i close back the car door and faced my dad and told him wad happen. He was freaking furious, and my dad was mumbling something " Some taxi drivers are ridiculous!! they are puh bor's!" Dad said. I was like lolol!! After the taxi driver droved, I then realise i should have snap a picture of his car plate number so i could make a complain to the company. F....!! 

Ok nvm, if the next incident occurs i'm so gonna do that!! Really hate this kind of drivers. I was so mad at being pointed middle finger at for nothing! 

Which i really wished, as a punishment for him he will earn, not a single profit for today or either today maybe some random people/customer will showed him middle finger. And let him feel how does it feels like being pointed at, without doing wrong in anything.

It's been so long.. Since i last blogged, As i'm being a lazybum. :S haha.. OPS!
Maybe i shuld blogged all my recent stuff and what happen/ when i'm feeling down.. (I'm not a person which love to show hw i feels or either wad i does everyday in life.)

Recently,  I've been jogging everday which i started this month. Which counts from the start it's almost about a month. 

Alrights. I'm tired. Gonna do some work stuff. Will blog again. Love you blog.<3

Sign Off.

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