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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

29 May 2012

I was sleeping soundly and suddenly my alarm rings! i was like ohhhmmmyy........ gonna wake up and prepare for my work. sighs. Another working day for me, had to go to the office and face computer when there's nothing to do. Its only when my boss ask me to help him e-mail some overseas supplier or taxing some invoice..

So office job is always like this, it's quite slacking! till you can facebook, check your hotmails, Reading online news papers. This job it's like your boss paid you to stay in the office to sit till the timing when you can get home.

Thought about getting home, after work its aroung 5.30pm then i will be on the way straight for my classes. In 1 week i have to attend Mon,Wed,Thurs,Sun classes; And for working days 1 week i have to work for 7days. It's like after work directly go for classes followed by going home changeout and sleep keeps on repeating the same thing in my life. I know it sounds kind of boring, as and when you grow up life is all about working working working to earn money~. When you gets your pay you'll be like YEA! finally got my pay after working for 1 month,you'll have the motivation of earning money yourself better than to shove your hand to your parents and ask them for money.

After getting this job i can hardly joined my friends for shopping or even buy my own nescessary needs. But this is much more better than the one i previously work at.

Previously i was working in a salon; In Shunji matsuo. It's an extremely busy job as it's an famous high end salon by a japanese guy named shuji matsuo. He usually works in heeren as that is a main outlet among all the outlets.

Totally he has 7~8 outlets in singapore, He's extremely a friendly boss, when there's meeting he will buy each of us a bento of sushi. It's real generous of him. If request of like OT pay he's willing to pay each of us. And sometimes you can get to training classes at heeren; hair treatment, scalp treatment, washing of hair,hax spa etc.. there's alot of lessons you can attend and get to learn more. If you learn fast you can get to become one of those hairstylist in the salon!Each of us will be able to do free hair service to our hair each month, exceptionally for chinese new year we can get to do more choices! Even though working over there is quite tiring, but i've enjoyed myself at there through the whole 6 months!!

Everytime when you sees a customer comes in and you'll know that he/she come in is to beautify themselves. After getting done, you always will see them smiling away when they gets out of the salon. It's like getting yourself pretty is a nice thing and you get more confidence in yourself.

Hey guys you can get to the salon and get your hair done! the stylist are all very expertised.
Even if you want to get the same hairstyle as those celebrity! They can get it done for you, you can just show them the picture of it. And they will explain to you about it. Or those that have no idea or want to change style or sick of your long or short hair when they consult you, you can ask them for recommendations.They will recommend the best style that suits you. Unlike some salons, everyday you get back they will just keep cutting the same style.

The main outlet will be shifting to takashimaya soon. If you guys sees an outlet named Shunji Matsuo, that's the outlet!

Even though i'm not working there; but sometime i think about it i'll still miss those moments over there!(:

I'll be free to blog since i'm working in the office! i'll introduce you guys about my current colleagues in my next post!


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