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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Previously i've booked an appointment for braces at polyclinic, as it's cheaper. As what people says if you can waiT. As it takes a long time before it reaches your turn. But i didn't believe much on that so i make an appointment. And my appointment is in October, is like i book it on feburary one of the days and it's like a long way before it reaches my turn i was like ----......---"|| (u got to be kidding me?!)

Haven even get my consultation done! What if after consultation and i have to wait for a few months again?!.................. So recently i called a private clinic at tampines area near to the bus interchange and ask for more details(which my friend recommended me) it cost 4k, well but at least private is faster in a way. It's quite payable as for the first visit you only have to pay $200 if you get started, then second month in which you have to pay half of the 4k but, if you have financial difficulties you may pay $500 at each times. SO it's reasonable.

Therefore my appointment will be tomorrow after straight from my work!! HAHAHAH, so excited.
Can't wait for my braces to be put on, But i'll have to bear with the process first. Like polishing, X-Ray, extraction ( The part where i'm worried of!) probably will be drinking my own blood for few days or either losing of blood!LOl.. hahaha..

Will update about my process of braces tmr!(:


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