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Friday, 11 May 2012

29 APRIL 2012

This is the part while we are queuing for ours turn to get in side the exhibition. And saw this guy playing with this guess this is the games during the olden days people plays during boardin of titanic.

This the the explanation of design of titanic.

This is the entrance to the exhibition! Now let's get started exploring!(:

Happy titanic 100th ANNIVERSARY !!(:

Here comes the theory.

This is how the olden days build their titanic.

This is my Beloved babe cindy and there's 2 more guys they are not in the picture.

This is the tickets that we've got.

The Birth of legend of titanic.

Our boarding pass. hahaha WHITE STAR!!>_<

Cindy and i are on the first class the guys were on 2nd class. HAHA..

This is the man who held this exhibtion/either he's the one who created the birth of titanic.

All This photos credited by Cindy. I've stolen from her fb.:x Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry for  the late upload due to working and study.


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