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Sunday, 13 May 2012

SAT 12/05/2012

MOTHER's day celebration.

As i've promised to upload the pictures during of mother's day celebration.
Here are two of the pictures. As i'm real busy chatting with my cousin's due to our rare meet ups.
So we're kinda occupied by chatting; sharing on what are we doing recently all stuffs.

That day we were also filled by a humongous of foods, there's pizza's, kueh, stingray, nuggets, hotdog,crabsticks,dumplings,soup,Fried prata w nacho cheese and my grandma's home made desserts. My all long favourite desserts that was made by my only grandmother love her lots!! hahaha... Waiting for her to teach me.<3

This are all of mother's in my family. Sweet right? haha.. As you can see there's a birthday cake at there, we were the audience that sang birthday songs to them.(: The one with the rainbow tank top is my grandmother ain't she's adorable? Love her max as she's the only that had been doting me since when i was a baby!<3
And my mum,妈咪我爱你!你是这世上最好的妈妈!

And this is my cousin's baby(SOPHIA) adorable right? And my name is SOPHIE,
Such an coincidence right? so cute.<3 she's real chubby, like a cute pinkish chubbeh bunneh! hahaha..

That's all for today; and cheers to all mother's Hope you guys will have a memorable & enjoyable celebrations!!(: All in all i'm sorry for neglectance of photos.>...<
Feel free to share w me your day of celebration,Takecares.


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