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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Everything it's all about money...

Everything we know in this world is all about money
Money can cause all sots of problems; conflicts,quarrell, distorting our mind, robbing all kinds of Stuff.. But most importantly is depends on how you manage it.

Why can't everyone just be in peace? I know~ there's no money then there's no us.
Cos if we don't have any of the money we couldn't survive. Sometimes I really wish
I'm an alien or something seriously. But I'm really thankful and grateful about my life. But
In some stuff it's really very hard to be happy and thankful about, there's always ups and downs at times.

Do you know that how it feels when someone ask u for help, after your helping and
Ended up the person that asked you for help blamed you!!._.
Do you know how does it feels like??

Or when u are in certain circumstances being blamed for everything
Eg; Can you set a good example in everything you do?? As you are the eldest. Or either
When someone ask you a question, have not even heard your reply and
Shoot you by saying; so easy u also dun know!!! But actuali u know,when you are about to replied but that person cut you off!-_-"!! thought u are stupid(like you dun know the answer!!._.

For me I reallyy really hate this kind of people...

Sighs. Alrights I'll get going now. Meeting my friend for a movie,
A treat to cheer myself. As today I'm really not in the mood to stay at hm.

Bye. Love you guys.


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