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Monday, 3 September 2012

SSC ( Singapore Sports Council)

Most enjoyable job i've ever had..

On the month of September.  1st & 2th September. I've been working for Singapore Sport council events it's about Singapore National Games of 2012.

Pasir Ris Sports & Recreational Center

Badminton Competition

1st September:

2nd September:

I'm handling of goodie bags ( mainly for athletics). It's quite a slacking job though. Really enjoyed for the past two days events. Just wanted to earn some savings. As my previous post i've said i'm resigning for new but tis is jus a temporary job:) hahaha.. the rate is 10/hr. So IT's So freaking worth!OMg la. Is like which job cn be so freaking slacking and earn so much?? Which included in drinks & meals. AND the most most awesome part is all my colleagues are so friendly & cheerful la! Can u imagine tat??!! Which i made more than 10 friends within 2 days! xD AWESOME MUUCCHHH??

hahaha... don't be envious.

I'm not so stingy de ok!! Here! i'll share w you. You may apply via
But this is more onto volunteering jobs. It's all in the website if you want to know more info you may click on to the following site given.

Do share w me when u've made lots of new friends! YAY!^~^

Wanted to upload the photos. But i tink there's some error. SO couldn't. Srry! Will try upload on the next post.:) Kaiyo~

<3 Phie

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