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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Being Grateful & Thankful

I've always complained this and that. Never ever being thankful for what i had in my life. That's why i've always felt so miserable. Even though i've read on blogs about qiuqiu, xiaxue & cheesie. They always feel so thankful for every single thing that had happen. But for me. sighs pathetic. 

As yesterday i was chatting with my close friend joey she's the sweetest friend. Always be there whenever i'm down. We never met before in real life.

I never ever believe there is such a gd friend exist in my life and of cos! Not even believe that i cn know her in audition. That's why i'm thankful to auditionsea who have created this game. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!! I've really met alot of awesome friends in audition.

Is just that i didn't even be bothered or care much.

" Phie ah, must be grateful to what you have," Joey said. 

Then this phrase hits me yesterday. I was thinking, why shuld i be grateful for?? Nothing ever good happens to me.. Then i think again for the whole last night. And i realised why i'm so unhappy n ungrateful of. That's why nothing good happens to me because i'm not even grateful why should things happen to me?!(right??)  

And today i've forced myself to do some homework on what i'm being grateful for & Thankful for.

These are the few ones. Actually there's millions of! OMG! after i've calmed myself down to think i've just realise actuali i have an awesome life. Things that makes me feel i am having miserable life is because i'm not even grateful for once. Even though i'm grateful maybe it onli last for a day / maybe half a a day. And worse of all i didn't even use actions to prove that i'm grateful & thankful till today after i've written out everything i'm grateful & Thankful. I felt so happy! OMG! can you even believe that??!!

ok here are the few ones.(:

 Grateful & Thank for:

1) I am grateful for having long hair, as i longed for. ( I know it's stupid but i'm really happy!)

2) I am Thankful for having long legs and a great figure that my mum gaves me. Thank you mum. LOve you. So from today i'm gonna cherish by exercising more!!!( cannot be lazy liao!!)

3) I am Thankful & grateful for having such a loving parents that love me & my brother whole heartedly!(:

4) I am grateful that i can finally have my braces on. As i longed for!(BEST PART I CAN PAY MYSELF!!!) :3

5) I am grateful for having such a nice environment place to work in.

6) I am grateful to have a great boss who gives me lots of freedom.

7) I am grateful to know Joey Chong. She's the sweetest girl i've ever met, Whatever/whenever i'm down or needed someone to talk you she's always there for me! ♥

8) I am grateful for the past to Dexter Goh,Patunia Drachenberg,Rachel Chong,BabyChua Kym Lian whose been there for me when i'm in trouble!! Thank you Thank you!!(: I know i'm rlly rdm even though it's been so long ago. But i can't thank you guys much. Pardon me.(:

9) I am grateful to know Andy Chua Ahtat this "PIG"! :D 

10) I am grateful to know Alvin Ler he is a sweet friend, who will be there for me when i need help. Thank you Alvin.(:

11) I am grateful to auditionsea for letting me meet my first love. Which i had lots of great memories even though it's the past, and most of all letting me know lots of awesome friends!! and and if there's no audition i don't think i would know them.♥ So Thank you thank you!!!(:

12) I am grateful that the goverment subsidize for those who wanted to further their studies and willing to give us a chance to learn & i've make quite a number of awesome friends at there!!Hector Kuan,Florence Tok,Cindy Poon,Jun Low,Nurul PoTekk,Tay Caroline!(:

13) Grateful to know Teng Zhi Hao&@Wei Yong Qiu. Even though there's sad and happy times. But i just want to let you guys know i really appreciate you guys for being there for me when i'm really really down! Thank you Thank you!!(:
Leon Wong Simplyunattached Thank you for spamming likes. x.x hmm.. ok i know i'm crapping hmm.. ok but i'm happy to know you too. And rmb u are not always alone!(:

14) I am grateful to have such a wonderful parents! My dad always sends me off to work without fail. Even though he watches EURO he still sends me to work and most of all when he's sick/ having a bad headache.

And there's this one day he had an awful headache, but he still insist on sending me off to work. As he was driving he was so restless i was freaking worried and i told him to go back home n rest not to go work but he insist on.
" DAD! do you know it's real dangerous to drive liddat??!!" i said.
" Don't worry, i'll be fine girl," dad replied.
After i'm at work my boss told me that he had caught up an accident, the accident delayed him that's why he was late.
" AT WHERE??!!" I panicked.
"Near my house, Road junction there.." boss replied.
( i was thinking huh????!!!! near my house.. and daddy.....)
I was so worried and i really felt like crying but i controlled wanted to call him but worried tat maybe he was driving. But luckily it's not him, as always dad waited for me at my workplace carpark waited for me. After i've seen him i was really relieved.
I was also glad that he told me that he took a day of mc to rest!

Everytime when something happen all you think about is your love ones.(: So cherish them!!(:

15) Grateful to have a mum who always forgive me even though i've always done smth wrong and make her mad. Which we had conflicts at times. Still always be there for me whenever i'm down. Especially when i feel lost! And always forever loving & a best friend of mine.

♥ u mum(:

16) And most of all i wanted to thank Chriscia Cyrus whose with me when i breakdown gomawo chriscia, u are always the best memories i've ever had even though we've been through ups & downs. And lots of conflicts over crazy matters. It's a precious memories to me. I know i'm random to thank over past. HAHA! but i want to let all  my friends and love ones know i really appreciate you guys to be by my side once/now! I don't care, but still wana thank. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May you guys always success in future!♥

17) I have lots of things to be grateful of, that cnt be finished. But ever since i know Joey Chong she thought me of being grateful to what i have. I am trying. Starting by now, I will be grateful of every single thing i have in my life! Joey Gomawo!:D ♥

And you've have seen those links of names. YES! i had them all typed out on my fb wall. I Thanked them. Cause i really really appreciate them with all my heart. And realised when i typed out i can feel that they are really important to me! If i don't have them i would be a miserable, grumpy fragged girl.

Joey had changed me to appreciate every single thing that happens in my life. Which i'm a person who doesn't shows but kept inside my heart. And people will always thinks tat i don't appreciate. Also! A bad habit of mine that i always complained this and that, So from today onwards i'm gonna kick off those habits of mine. And being grateful and thankful to every happy things!

What about you? Let's all practice to be grateful & thankful for shall we? to make our life no longer miserable & grumpy. HAHA.. as wad they says being miserable and grumpy which will make all of us like a fraggy old woman/ man. :D I doubt you would want to!~

PHIE ^~^
(gomawo joey)

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