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Thursday, 19 April 2012


So today blog entry i'll be focusing about BULLIES!

As most of us had experienced before. When i was in primary school i remembered that once this gang of girls you've been with and one of them the (so call leader/ very close with the leader)  in the gang doesn't like you they will start to gossip and ended up the whole group bullies you, make use of you even betrays you by making lots of trouble on you. The most coward ways they use was like telling the whole class about the rumours they've made eg;"  Sophie likes M"( and she tell him that), and he freaked out saying:"oh-my-goodness! Please don't be a thick skin freak i'll never ever like you this ugly girl!" ( in front of my face) i was like when did i mentioned that i like you in the first place. I was staring at the girls. But they ignored me. And the whole class all stared at me like it was my fault! like admitted what M have said that i'm thick skin to like him!!! i was  thinking(@!$#@%$#^%$&%^*^) ***FML!** 

After that thing happened. The next day when i returned to school. Having maths lesson, i need help to solve this question and i approach my side buddy as she sat beside of me. Approached her for help, but she ignored me. During break time( recess)And i found out that, that gang of girls had the whole class to ignored me! I was furious!

But there's this girl named K is a good girl in chinese called "GUAI"( well behaved) willing to talk to me when i needs help; i remembered once i had a stomachache she accompained me to washroom and brought oilment for me, when i was in  the cubicle and had no waste paper to use remembering that it's near the basin, i squeak to her and told her that they none in here,

she quickly bring it to me saying if that's enough?
that moment i was touched! by her worried that i nearly cried. After i came out, she sounded
concerned asking :"am i alright? "i was thinking who will ever show concern for me, only you KIMIE. Even though it's a few years back! but i sometimes will still thought of her even though we didn't managed to contact anymore!

O k let's get back on the right track, and  was saying no matter what had happend she's always there for me! But one day this gang of girls approach without me knowing telling her to stay away from me. She told me about it i was freaking furious i wanted to just go right infront of their face and give them a tight slap! i know it's no use by using this way to solve problem. So Kimei ask me to forgive them and forget about it. So this phrase was ( FORGIVE AND FORGET!) That bunch of girls are too ridiculous they just satisfy when i'm alone without any friends like a helpless zombie. -_-"
Kimie is a reliable friend and a sincere one.( how i wish time can be rewined back!)

HERE'S some information for those bullies, and those victims.
As what recently lady gaga annouced Born this way foundation, stopping the bullies, you may take a look at the following webpage:

You are welcome to share with me your experiences!(: willing to lend you my ears!


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